• Jade Emerson Hebbert


Hello you, whoever you may be. I think I must first begin with an apology. It's almost been two months since I last posted and A LOT has happened. Give me a little time (yes I know what you're thinking- I've had two months) and I'm sure I'll unpack all of the new changes, beginnings, and a crisis or two that has happened. I've experiences some of the highest of highs of my life thus far as well as some of the lowest of lows, but most importantly I feel as if I'm finding the person I want to be, the person I had lost for a long time. But I promise I'm still, like you, just trying to find my way. And now here we are. And here is my formal promise to you as well as myself of renewed dedication to this work in progress. What will you see? More words, more photos, and hopefully more things that set our souls on fire. Let's see where it takes us.

Thank you for being here.

- jeh

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