• Jade Emerson Hebbert

After All the Late Nights- ERH

After all the late nights pressing words

through your pores, the door of your mind

is still propped open. There is not one final

arrival, no last step that lifts you to the top floor.

But now and then, there is a landing-

like this one- where you can pause

to catch your breath.

Though you cannot see the summit,

plant your muddy boots

and stand against the wind.

Take in the distance you've traveled-

then keep climbing.

No one tells a mountain, Your head is in the clouds;

come down to where the rest of us live.

Instead, we carry dreams and prayers

as water to sustain us on the journey.

Though the shoreline also has no end,

walk until the water has swallowed the light,

Let the ocean's edge remind you,

you can always reinvent yourself.

Now you begin again, your life an untwisting

of continual beginnings- the way a spider plant,

whose roots have outgrown the pot,

releases a cascade of offspring,

all those green legs reaching for the ground.

-emily ruth hazel

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