• Jade Emerson Hebbert

Wander 1- London, England

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Everyone has always said that London is grey- grey skies, grey buildings, grey water, and even (earl) grey tea. As we traveled around the overcast city, fighting jet-lag and the excitement to finally be there, my mother exclaimed at least twice just how grey the city was. But I didn't see any grey. It simply wasn't enough. Not nearly enough to describe the fragments of brilliant blue sneaking through the pale white sky. Sometimes the sun would break through the opaque covering to lightly kiss our faces before hiding once more. It was the perfect backdrop to the steeping buildings, an assortment of new, old, and newly rebuilt from what was once old. Columns and ledges carved in stone backed bricks that help them as the climbed high into that sky. Some were dirtied from the expanse of their life: stuck in solitude with their doors opened into the streets graced with pedestrians not so unlike the ones shaped into the buildings. And the water, echoing between the borders of the two sides of the city, ebbing under bridges, always changing and never... well, grey. The city was constantly cleansed with the rain that made the air hopeful and new. And the people, the faces in the crowd. A mosaic of foreign and domestic, kind and bright, established and open-minded. Some were rooted in their English ancestry while other refugees found sanction. To me, London was never grey until someone told me it was. Then the color dripped away into the Thames, leaving the patchwork of color and warmth I once saw into shades of cold grey.

Keep your eyes open to the beauty you see. Let your truth be the one curated in your mind. Let yourself always see the myriad of color, even in seas of grey.


photos by jade emerson hebbert

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