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Update: Book Reviews

What is one book you should read before you die?

It's a question I couldn't answer, and yet I've asked it to teachers, friends, and acquaintances, as well as at various book stores around the world. I thought that by finding other people's answers, in turn I could find my own.

When I decided to take a gap year, I knew that I didn't want to stop learning. My education would merely take on a different shape once liberated from grades, projects, and numbers that often take away from the beauty of learning. And I knew that I had been given a precious opportunity to have the time to read the seemingly endless books abandoned a list for later.

But - in the common theme of this year - later has become now.

There is, however, a second phase to reading: the After. The analysis, the conclusions, and the feelings that stick with you long after you've finished reading. And that's where the blog comes in. If you're new here, the three categories of this blog are Wanders, encompassing travels and the thoughts taken from them; Wonders, ideas including but not limited to existential life crises and epiphanies; and Words, poems, excerpts, and lines that tap into the deepness of life. But now 'Words' will be expanded to include book review. (And my lit-loving self is stoked.)

Maybe review isn't even the right word, for I can't promise any consistency or criticism. But I am simply dying to talk about the beauty found in words written with power and stories written with truth.

I'll discuss my experience with the book, what lead me to it, and the feeling and insights it evoked during and after the book was read. And who knows what else.

So here it is- the journey to find my answer to the question, a journey of learning, and a journey into the art of storytelling.

Once finished, a book may be left unforgotten on a shelf, gathering dust. But if you read it and read it well, it remains as alive as you.

- jeh

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