• Jade Emerson Hebbert

Wander 3- Street Art

I have always loved street art. There are no limits. There are no boundaries. It's just art in its purest form, poured onto a sidewalk or a wall or any other unexpected canvas. An artist gives part of themselves to the world, a secret unraveled in color. A secret for us to see in some hidden corner of the world. These artist have something to say, but here's the thing- you might miss it if you're going too fast, if you're not seeking those wonders in disguise.

Take your time.

See art everywhere: see it in streets, see it on walls, see it over the sidewalks, and see it within ourselves.


Nafplion, Greece

Seattle, Washington USA

Rome, Italy

Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece

Seattle, Washington USA

Reykjavik, Iceland

Seattle, Washington USA

Montmartre, Paris France

photos by jade emerson hebbert

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