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Wander 5- Vincent

Here's the facts:

Vincent Van Gogh lived his life in the shadow of failure. In his entire life he sold a single painting. He was supported by his younger brother, Theo. His life was marked by severe mental illness, phscotic episodes, poverty, and time spent in an asylum. He died young and he died alone.

Here's the questions:

Did Vincent create his art in spite of his situation or because of it? Was his artistic genius the result of his need for escape from this world of misunderstanding? Or did he brush his world of color as his defense? Could he ever fathom that one day, far away from the darkness and disillusion of his present, there would be people staring in awe of not only his artistic genius, but also recognition of that universal fight in starry nights, sunflower vases, and almond blossoms?

Here's the truth:

Broken people have something beautiful to give to the world, just like Vincent.

In Amsterdam, with the precious, limited time we had, one stop we knew we had to take was the Van Gogh Museum. When I came upon this painting, Van Gogh's "Almond Blossoms", on the top floor buzzing with tourists from all over, I was frozen. I couldn't take my eyes off of it, even as the rest of the group moved on. Here it was. This painting that I had loved for so long was right in front of me, and in a moment of wide-eyed clarity, I felt like I finally understood: Vincent had no idea that this building and institution would be created to host his memory and his life-long work. All he knew was pain. He had no idea that he would be famed as one of the most brilliant painters of all time. All he knew was isolation. And yet here it was, the proof of his genius, the proof of his perseverance, and the proof of the beauty that he created with the simple strokes of color on canvas.

Vincent- Don McLean

For more information about Vincent's art and life, click here.

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