• Jade Emerson Hebbert

Wander 6- Light

I once asked a dear friend and photographer what her favorite thing to photograph was. Her answer? Light.

Isn't that something we all try to do? Capture light- in life, in others, in ourselves.

These pictures of the Parthenon in Athens show the different ways light can be captured- at least through a photo lens. The first is an edit of the second photo, taken by a Nikon D90 and the third is from an iphone.

In Athens, it's nearly impossible to miss the acropolis, for in direct translation acropolis means the highest point of the city. But what they don't tell you is how horribly slippery the marble pathways are. Thousands and thousands of years these ruins have been walked on by billions and billions of feet. And I, like so many others, was an unfortunate soul to find that my sandals and the marble were a fatal combination. And I'm sure the gods laughed as I fell hard in a sea of tourists, attempting to protect my camera from the same embarassment I was now victim to. But here's the truth- It was all worth it to capture just a little bit of the ancient beauty of the Temple of Athena with the even more ancient beauty of the sunshine, dazzling my camera lense.

In what ways do you capture the light, all around us, all inside of us?


photos by jeh

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