• Jade Emerson Hebbert

Wonder 2- Lost

It is often said that a person is never truly lost. And though this is a lovely and comfortable sentiment, I have to argue that we are- or at least I am- almost always utterly and completely lost. It's a state of existence as common or necessary as the air we breathe. Yet I have learned that despite what they may say, there is nothing wrong with it. Afterall, must we first be lost in order to ever be found? So go on- lose yourself. Lose yourself in the sky, in the ocean, and where they meet on land. Lose yourself in your lovers eyes and in the grasp of their hand. Lose yourself in a dream- or two. Lose yourself in triumphant defeats and victorious failures. Lose yourself in the ectasy of the beautiful pain of living. Lose yourself in every moment, every breathe, every second. Keep going and keep losing until you are utterly and completely lost. Stop endlessly waiting for some unknown resolution, a rhyme or reason. No more blindly hoping for a perfect explanation, a pristine answer-- or even someone to find you. Go. Now. Get lost. Lose yourself until you no longer feel lost.

- jeh

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