• Jade Emerson Hebbert

Wonder 3- Lessons

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Everything in life is there to teach us a lesson: rejection, loss, love, pain, failure, success. Even a missed alarm or a series of red lights (no matter how much we may curse them) has a lesson to be unfolded. And if everything happens for a reason, then we must embrace the unfortunate along with the fortunate and open ourselves to this journey of learning- always. Yet, as with almost anything, committing to growth is far easier said (or written) than done, so let's start with something small. What can we learn from wildflowers, the ones we see dancing in the wind and speckling the seas of green? I think we can learn to grow anywhere and everywhere despite all odds. We can learn to be unexpected, and beautifully wild. Maybe we don't need some grand purpose. Maybe we just need to exist, to grow just to say we did. Grow because they thought we couldn't. We'll paint the world with our color if we allow ourselves to just be ... yes, that's what I think we can learn from wildflowers. 


photos by jade emerson hebbert

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