• Jade Emerson Hebbert

Wonder 4- Create

Time for a little honesty... the other evening I was feeling a little bit more lost than usual. Maybe you know that feeling- lonely but not quite alone, anxious but not quite nervous, antsy but not quite willing, and hopeless but not quite, well hopeless. The truth, I believe, is that I was feeling so many things all at once and I didn't know exactly what to do with everything threatening to erupt within me. I was even at a loss for words.

And when words fail, art speaks.

Desperate for some type of purpose, I began to collect paint, recycled college letters, fabric, hot glue, and anything else that seemed to be pleading to join this collage of emotion. Loud music playing and my materials and my hands I began to create. Now believe me when I say that this masterpiece disguised wasn't anything spectacular or extraordinary and it definitely didn't have the intention of sharing it for any other purpose other than its own fruition. But I kept working, I kept creating in order to turn the intangible trepidation of my mind and heart into something tangible, real, and almost beautiful.

This is what we must learn to do in life. Take those pieces of ourselves that seem a little lost, take those moments that scream with uncertainty, take those feelings that make us who we are and create. Create, create, create. Our ugliness can become more. Our pain can become more. We can become more.

This life is ours to create.

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